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We proudly hold a level 8 grading by the CIDB +27 32 552 2760 Enquiries
Residential Developments


At R&B Civils we have have grown to meet the demand for Private Estate and Residential Infrastructure Development. Developing serviced properties with roads, water mains and infrastructure is our area of expertise. With a background in pipeline engineering, building reservoirs and treatment plants – we are well versed in pipelines and services for building development and have grown our business further, by expanding into the private housing sector with the increased capacity to complete a larger portion of the development process from within our company.

Commercial and Residential Development Portfolio.

What we do.

  • General Construction
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Surfaced Roads

Projects & Contracts.

  • Palm Lakes Retirement Village
  • Palm Lakes Reservoir
  • Melmoth Water Mains
  • Eshowe Water Mains
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